Elite Plus Services

We offer you the tools to efficiently run your practice. With internet access to our secure server, you'll have everything that you need. You'll have the ability to register your patients and view patient balance and copay information so that your staff will know how much to collect from your patients at each visit.

Electronic Encounter Forms  Most billing services offer to pick up your billing once a week, twice at most. A delay in billing means a delay in payments. With Electronic Encounter forms you'll have the ability to have your billing submitted on a daily basis, not weekly like most other services. We will customize your Electronic Encounter form to include only the codes that you use. By the time that your patients leave the office your billing is done.

Instant Charge Entry   We understand that you work hard and your work days are long enough. Why spend time filling out router or encounter forms when you can capture your charges at the time of service?  In the office, in the hospital, in the nursing home or from any location, you can capture your charges instantly on your phone, ipad or tablet pc.

Appointment Scheduling  By utilizing our appointment scheduler, you'll be able to keep track of your patients last, missed and kept appointments. The appointment schedule can also be used as a tool to make sure that all of your visits are accounted for when it comes time for billing. This eliminates the chance of encounters not being billed because we'll have a record of your kept appointments.

Automated Appointment Reminders The nationwide average no show rate is between 15 to 22 percent. Unkept appointments result in a loss of revenue. Our automated appointment reminders can reduce your no show rate and save your office time and money.  It will free your staff from the tedious task of having to contact patients to confirm 

Patient Balance Look Up  Patients are more likely to pay in the office when asked by your staff than they are from a mailed statement.  Patients are less likely to pay in the office if your staff can't explain  why there is a balance.  With patient balance look up, your staff will be prepared to answer questions, thereby gaining the patients trust and their payment.

Pre-Collection Letters  Some collection agencies charge as much as 50% of what they collect for you.  As a final attempt to collect balances due from your patients, we offer you the option of sending your patients a friendly "Final Notice" letter that is designed to maintain your relationship with your patient. 

Credit Card Processing  More and more employers are offering high deductible health insurance plans to their employees.  Some patients are personally responsible for the first $1000, $2500 or more of their medical and hospital bills each year. In order to increase your patient revenue collection, you must provide your patients with options to pay. With our secure credit card processing service and online web portal, your patients can pay their bills anytime of the day or night. 

Coming Soon - Certified Integrated Electronic Health Records and Electronic Prescribing